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GOT Apron


Features & Specifications

- Sizing: This is a general-sized product with adjustable neck sling.

The shape and pattern is designed to fit most general customers with diffenent shapes. -

Material: We choose top quality polyester material to make this apron. Some customers may have doubts that why we won't use cotton.

There would be water boiling and oil splashing when you cook in kitchen, and good quality polyester would provide good water-proof and oil-proof ability. In this way your clothing would be protected!

This apron is of good quality and would be a perfect choice as a gift. - Printing: We use eco-friendly screen printing dye metarial.

The pattern on the apron would last long in your kitchen!

- Pocket: 3 large Pockets - Adjustable Neck - Weight: 100 grams.



Washing Instructions

Our product is machine washable! Throw it in your laundry machine. You don't want to waste your time washing apron.