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Portable Laptop Stand With Stand Tray



Say goodbye to neck pain and tension from always looking down at your laptop! 😎 

Perfect to use at the office or in your home – on the couch, sitting on the floor, lying in the bed … anywhere! Comes fully assemble.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM TRAY – Makes Carrying Easy and Holds Your Computer at Virtually Any Position or Angle
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE LEGS – Rotate 360 Degrees and Lock in Place at Various Angles.
  • PORTABLE - Quickly Collapse The Stand to Make it Portable.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Can be used for a TV Dinner Tray, Sound Equipment, Projector, Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk, and Tablet Holder.


  1. 360° foldable and fully adjustable table desk for your laptop.

  2. Slim and fashionable design yet super firm and durable.

  3. Comes with marked knob buttons to conduct precise adjustment.

  4. Easily adjusts to different heights and angle needs. No more slouching and no more ne ck and back pain!

  5. Convenient self-locking joints with 3 foldable legs on each side.

  6. The platform design has ventilation holes, which aim to dissipate the heat from the bottom of your laptop/notebook.

  7. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, especially designed to enjoy internet surfing while in bed, sofa, table, carpet, or just about anywhere.


Work Anywhere - Use as a standing desk, full size sitting desk, on the couch, in bed or wherever you want to use your laptop comfortably!

Strong Build - Made from Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy this desk was built to last.
Included Mouse Panel - Included side mouse panel attachment can also double as a drink holder.

Light Weight & Portable - Only 1.2 kg take this desk with you wherever you go.
Adjustable Legs - The chill desk legs can be adjusted into many different configurations and whatever height you desire.

Muti-Purpose - Well Desk can be used as a Breakfast Tray, Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk, Tablet Holder, Stand-Up Desk, Gaming Table, Notebook Stand, Keyboard Lift, Laptop Tray, Keyboard Riser, Foldable Laptop Desk, Cooling Pad, Computer Stand for Laptop, Folding Tray Table, Standing Desk Converter, Laptop Base, Ergonomic Laptop Riser, Desk Raiser, Laptop Holder or however you wish to use it!


Q: Is the mouse pad angle independently adjustable?
A: Yes, you can also remove it easily if you don't want it.

Q: How many inches will it raise from the surface on which it sits?
A: Up to 19 inches which is more than enough.

Q: I am left-handed. Can the mouse pad be mounted on the left side of the table or is it only on the right side?
A: Yes it can. You can see a small slit on the left side of the tray. That is where it attaches. The slits are on both sides.

Q: Can it be used comfortably by a person in a wheelchair?
A: The bottom legs are about 20 inches apart, so as long as that will fit in the wheel chair it should work well.

Q: How to install and adjust the mouse pad?
A: There is really not very much to do. There are buttons to push at the end of each rod to make the legs move how you want. 

Q: How much weight does it safely support?
A: It can hold up to 15 lbs.
  • Table Dimension: 48 26cm/18.7 x 10.1inch (L W)
  • Mouse Board Dimension: 18 16cm/7.0 6.2inch (L W)
  • Arm (Single): 26 4cm/10.11.6inch (L W)
  • Height: Adjustable from 45-490mm